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11 March 2021 Voluntary Liquidation

As the name suggests, voluntary liquidation takes place when a director chooses to close their company and place it into liquidation. Unlike compulsory liquidation, this is a completely voluntary process that is initiated by the director. Voluntary liquidation is a means of closing a company which still has assets and liabilities to be dealt with.…

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5 March 2021 Business Insolvency

When it comes to dissolution vs liquidation there can understandably be a degree of confusion. After all, both terms indicate the closing down of a company, however there is a key distinction between the two terms which means they shouldn’t be used to mean the same thing. To help you understand the difference between dissolution…

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2 March 2021 MVL's

Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) is an option open to solvent companies which formally winds-up and closes the business. There are many reasons to consider Members’ Voluntary Liquidation, not least because it is a highly tax-efficient way of closing a business. If you are considering an MVL in 2021 and are looking for more information before…

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26 February 2021 News & General

Dissolution and liquidation are terms that can sometimes get confused and be used interchangeably. However, they are two different processes that mean different things. To help you understand the difference between liquidation vs dissolution, Clarke Bell has put together this handy guide outlining what each term means as well as the key differences between both,…

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23 February 2021 Voluntary Liquidation

Voluntary liquidation occurs when a company director chooses to wind-up and dissolve their company. Unlike in the case of compulsory liquidation, this is a completely voluntary process initiated by a company director that must be approved by its shareholders. The outcome of voluntary liquidation is that the company ceases to trade, its finances are wrapped…

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